Nigeria Security Expo & Conference

24th - 26th October, 2017

Call for Paper

NISEC 2017 finalises the Conference Programme and launches a “Call for Papers”

The International Exhibition of Security & Defence Technologies - NISEC 2017 organized by First Security Guards, is scheduled to hold in the City of Abuja on 3rd – 4th November, 2017, launches a “call for papers presentation” intended for professionals, companies and entities to send their thematic proposals and participate as speakers in the upcoming event.

Throughout the three days of the show, the Cycle of conferences will be developed in parallel addressing critical defence and security forces capacity building issues, technological challenges and business opportunities of interest to companies linked to Security & Defence. During this period, we urges the different actors involved in the issues raised to propose papers that complete different points of view to enrich and generate knowledge about them.

NISEC 2017 Conference Programme will feature first-rate speakers addressing national, regional and continental markets. It will also present technological challenges in the five domains: Earth, Sea, Air, Space and Cyberspace: from the main programs of the new government investment cycle in Defence and Security. The future of satellite communications, the next steps in the development of RPAS in Africa, disruptive technologies, personal protection equipment as well as special emphasis in the area of Cybersecurity.

The content of the three days event, initiated by a master conference that will be followed by different panel of experts, will be compiled in a document ‘Proceedings Report’, published in English, which will be distributed to participating nations and agencies.

Speaking at NISEC Expo events is one sure access to media and publicity either for new career opportunities or promote business beyond borders, being that the who-is-who in Africa defence and security industry shall attend to hear directly from professionals and manufacturers on how to better develop the continent’s security forces and market.

To participate in the “Call for Papers” please send your topic and presentation materials proposals to: