Organiser's Message

Nigeria Security Exhibition and Conference (NISEC) is a continental security show that attracts annually top Government Functionaries, Decision and Policy Makers, The Armed Forces, The Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Experts and Professionals across Africa continent and internationally to network and appraise new security threats while share experiences and expertise.

Recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Kenya, Somali, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (etc) have raised many concerns over increased radicalization of individuals and social groups globally. Making informed decisions to combat such threats is challenging for executives and officials who are unfamiliar with the true nature and causes of radical beliefs and violence. Proven security and intelligence solutions for combating terrorist threats and politically/religiously motivated violence are hard to find.

NISEC is pleased to offer this unique annual expo and conference platform aimed at giving solution to the nature and causes of asymmetric terrorist threat, intelligence gathering failure, critical national infrastructure protection, counter-piracy, cyber terorism and transportation security etc and to provide attendees with both macro and micro tools that can be used to mitigate these serious risks.

NISEC speakers have extensive background and in-depth experience with intelligence, counter terrorism and security. Their expertise is the foundation for a one-of-a-kind educational experience aimed at expanding trainees' knowledge about the threat of radical movements and terrorist organizations.

NISEC is also a security trade show with huge market potentials that exhibitors, industry service providers, manufacturers, vendors and resellers of various security products and systems who desire to expand their businesses beyond market bordersyou cannot get elsewhere. In the last decade, the African security market has grown well over 70% why government spending has tripled.

I recommend NISEC annual event to all law enforcement agencies and security managers to constantly gain industry awareness, knowledge, learn and identify new threats for efficiency to prevent, detect and mitigate conventional and unconventional security threats from world class experts and professional guest speakers.

We have selected Abuja as the host city due her cosmopolitan nature. The beautiful and siren nature of Abuja city is breath taking for visitors who desire adventure and tourism while working away from home.

Once again, I welcome you all to NISEC 2nd edition as we build on the successes of the maiden edition for limitless possibilities that show offers.

Enjoy the hospitality of the show, beautiful nature of Abuja city and the thrilling culture of the people of Nigeria.

We look forward to see you at NISEC 2016.


Frank Ohwofa
Chief Organiser


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