Gala Awards

NISEC Awards is Africa's number one Industry Award Center for Excellence. NISEC Gala Awards is an International Security Award event organised annually to promote and honour industry practitioners, organisations and Individuals for service per excellence and support. NISEC 2015/2016 Award is co-organised with the UNITED NATIONS – POLAC and the International Security Academy (ISA), of Israel.

The venue offers the Award night a perfect evening for exhibitors, participants and industry stakeholders to network while recognise and honour their own.

The cosmopolitan mix nature of Abuja city with blazing modern architectural design of the central business district, Sheraton Hotels is strategically located such that it gives the right ambiance to host international events such as NISEC Gala Awards Dinner.

The night shall serve as a networking platform for End Users, Exhibitors, Trade Visitors, Government Contractors and Participants to negotiate contracts and varieties of partnerships.

Guests will be thrilled to a blissful promising evening of relaxation as star comedians and music entertainers are set for a night truly designed to show appreciation and reward industry stakeholders, men and women who have sacrificed their strength, might and life to serve and defend the territorial integrity of their nations and promote global peace.

Time: 7:00PM - 12:00AM

Date: 27th October, 2016

Venue: Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels




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NISEC 2016 Gala Awards panel of judges has the sole responsibility to review and publish on event homepage and at least on one national newspaper the names of awardees 30 days prior to the event night. This will allow for proper scrutiny by show organisers and members of the public who will nominate their personalities for various categories. The names of nominated awardees will be published in the national daily newspapers for comments.

The independent panel of judges is chaired by a well tested and seasoned industry professional and a tested journalist as secretary.

Show organiser reserves the right to withdraw and not award a nominee if in her opinion, the nominee is unpopular.

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