NISEC Defence & Security Expo

NISEC Defence and Security Expo

Many countries are facing significant challenges to their established domestic political order, with major implications for their approach to security policy and to international security cooperation. Defence policy is also being questioned, given recent difficult experiences with military intervention in conflict zones. At the same time, popular disaffection with established security and defence norms, new and emerging threats, and new political, economic and technological developments present further challenges for defence and security policy.

What exactly are the drivers behind these developments, which specific security cooperation arrangements are being called into question and what are the potential alternatives? What are the future challenges in security and defence confronting African nations, and what capabilities are required to meet them?

The conference will bring together policy-makers, industry leaders and academic experts to examine these questions, with discussions focused on:

  • What does the current and emerging challenges in international security means to Africa
  • Significant political transitions and what they mean for defence
  • Cooperatively combating terrorism and violent extremism
  • The continued effectiveness of international organizations versus bilateral arrangements
  • Changing attitudes and their institutional implications
  • Cooperation in international defence markets and procurement