Mr. Shay Steinberg is the President/CEO of Steinberg & Associates, the company offer services which include security systems for sensitive facilities, industrial plants, offices, marine ports and airports. We also offer training services for security officers, outsourced security management and/or personal coaching and support for company security managers, data protection plans, cyber security of information systems and documents, as well as communication and network security.

Steinberg & Associates provide optimal solutions for site and information security, we conduct thorough risk surveys to identify and analyse external and internal reference threats including terrorists, criminals and disgruntled employees. Our surveys assess existing prevention, deterrence and response capabilities to detect physical and logical vulnerabilities and offer technological and procedural solutions. Finally, we provide experts to support the organization in implementing our recommended solutions to ensure their long-term viability.

Steinberg & Associates, loss prevention programs - conduct surveys to detect weak spots affecting organizational loss, and offer plans to implement survey recommendation in terms of work processes and formal procedures, training and coaching security officers and employees in loss prevention, conducting company-wide campaign to reduce loss levels and provide overt and covert surveillance of supplier, employee, manager and customer activities. These operations are backed by regular reviews and audits to ensure lessons are learned and short-term gains are maintained. Credo

At Steinberg & Associates, we believe that any organization deserves professional physical and information security, as well as prevention loss services that will enable it to protect its property and data assets, and optimize work processes. We believe these achievements must be maintained through rigorous training, implementation and enforcement activities, so that all branches, business partners and employees are involved in a new corporate policy and culture that emphasizes security and loss prevention as key objectives.

Our team is composed of experts with extensive experience in strategic training, security mission planning, loss prevention, investigations, intelligence and information. These experts combine experience in the private sector with skills acquired in Israeli security services, including the management, operational, logistic, safety and auditing areas.