Lieutenant General Obiakor(rtd)

Lieutenant General Obiakor is a graduate of the National War College, Nigeria. He obtained a Master of Science degree in strategic studies from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and has participated in numerous international military courses.

Lt. Gen. Obiakor started his military career with the Nigerian Army in 1973. He has served as the Commander of the Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) Artillery Brigade in Liberia (1996 and 1997), the ECOMOG Chief Coordinator of the Liberian elections in July 1997, and as the General Officer Commanding, Second Mechanized Division of the Nigerian Army. He also held the position of Chief of Administration of the Nigerian Army, in charge of the welfare, discipline and medical services for all Nigerian military personnel.

He is the highest ranking Nigerian soldier to serve the United Nations as Military Adviser for peacekeeping operations. This was in 2008. Before then, he was the Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), a position UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed him to in January 2006. No less a soldier’s soldier, he also served longest in recent memory, as a General in the Nigeria Army.

For standing tall in a very challenging environment and delivering 38 years of sterling, disciplined service to his fatherland in the Nigeria Army; for lifting the image of Nigeria in the international arena of military service through quality, exemplary interventions and honourable conduct which earned both himself and Nigeria recognition from the international community, Lt. Gen. Chikadibia Obiakor (rtd.), is The AUTHORITY Icon.

He disengaged from the army on 11th June 2011, after 38 years of sterling service.

Lt.Gen.Peter Kind

Peter Kind is a Research Staff Member and Director, Computer Science Study Panel, at the Institute for Defense Analyses

Current ‐Institute for Defense Analyses,
               Historic Pohick Church Foundation,
               1st Signal Brigade Association.

Previous ‐US Government, Sarcos, Information Systems,Command,
                 Control, Communications and Computers, U.S. Army

Education ‐Harvard Business School

Lead studies and analyses over broad range of national security problems, facilitate academic research in support of Defense agencies and Defense industries, lead assessment teams and conduct senior review of significant studies and projects. The Institute for Defense Analyses is a Federally Funded Research and Development Corporation chartered by Congress to support the Department of Defense.

President, Historic Pohick Church Foundation

January 2013 ‐ Present (3 years 8 months) 9301 Richmond Highway, Lorton VA 22079

Non-profit corporation that was established in 1983 for the purpose of maintaining and restoring the historic Pohick Church building. George Washington and George Mason served on the Vestry overseeing the church, including construction of the current building 1769-1774, collection of taxes, education and support for the poor. George Mason completed the construction 1771-1774 after the death of Undertaker (Contractor) Daniel French.

Chairman of the Board
1st Signal Brigade Association: 2002 ‐ Present (14 years)

My responsibilities include chairing quarterly board meetings, planning biennial veterans reunions and charitable gifts, and nominating officers and directors.

Director, White House Y2K Information Coordination Center
US Government 1999 ‐ 2000 (1 year)

Created and directed White House Information Coordination Center for the Millennium Rollover. Created and maintained business rules, software, operations center coordination and press briefing facilities supporting information sharing and coordination within 37 Federal government and NGO activities, State and local government and key components of the private sector.

Sr Vice President and CIO Sarcos
November 1994 ‐ January 1998 (3 years 3 months)

Innovative research and cross domain products in telemedicine, drug delivery, virtual reality, MEMS, robotics and entertainment

Information Systems, Command, Control, Communications and Computers, U.S. Army

1992 ‐ 1994 (2 years)

Responsible for planning, policy, budgeting and oversight of all U.S. Army communications and computer support world-wide, Deputy Army Acquisition Executive for communications and automation programs, lead Army participant with external activities for all communications and automation activities, supervise Army Artificial Intelligence Center,

Lieutenant General US Army: 1961 ‐ 1994 (33 years)

My responsibilities included supervision of all communications and information technology development, acquisition, operations and maintenance for the United States Army.

Chief of Signal US Army Signal Corps: 1990 ‐ 1991 (1 year)

My responsibilities as Chief of Signal was to lead the education, training and doctrine of U.S. Army soldiers. As Commander of Fort Gordon, Georgia, I also was responsible for high maintenance training of Air Force, Navy and Marines.


Colonel Short spent over 30 years in military assignments focused on internal security operations in Asia and Africa. He participated in ground combat in Vietnam as an advisor and psychological operations officer, participant in the Saigon/Phnom Penh and refugee evacuations, and the Mayaguez affair. Served in the White House for seven years in Asian and Pacific Affairs. He was US Military Mission Chief in Mogadishu Somalia as that nation slipped into anarchy, and served as the US Military Attaché to Brunei and Singapore.

He holds a Master’s Degree (Political Science) and instructed in the Department of Strategy, Army Command & General Staff College and the Defense Intelligence Collage. Col. Short was the Chief Negotiator (political appointee) at the State Department for the renegotiation of a treaty with a group of Pacific Island nations. He is currently Managing Partner, Global Resources Network, llc which is headquartered in the Washington D.C. area and facilitates global operations, marketing and networking.

Tanwa Ashiru

Tanwa Ashiru is a U.S Air Force veteran with over 13 years of experience in Intelligence Analysis, working in the U.S Department of Defense (DoD), and the U.S National Security Agency (NSA). She served 180 days in Afghanistan and was involved in counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism operations in Southwest Asia, Middle East and Africa. She holds an M.A in Intelligence Studies from the School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University (AMU), West Virginia, USA (2016).

Tanwa is the founder of Bulwark Intelligence an information services company that delivers high quality security, intelligence, and threat assessments to the federal government and private companies. Her company has and continues to render services and training for several local and international corporations including Total E&P, Nigerian Customs Service, and Uber.

She is an exclusive member of the invite-only Golden Key International Honour Society; an elite honour society which honours academic excellence and a commitment to lead and serve. She established a Nigerian-American Veteran’s Association (NAVA) as a platform for ex-military personnel to connect and contribute towards the society.

Tanwa was invited to contribute a book chapter in the College of Humanities Joseph Ayo Babalola University book project titled Nigeria’s Ungoverned Spaces: Studies in Security, Terrorism and Governance; among other Nigerian university professors and PhD holders. She was also invited to speak to corporate security professionals on the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) Nigeria platform on ’’What the Recent Security Trends in Nigeria Say about the Nation’s Intelligence Capabilities’’

Tanwa has written a number of security related articles in The Guardian Newspaper Nigeria, and has been featured several times on Nigeria’s Channels Television Sunrise Daily morning show, CNBC Africa Power Lunch West Africa Show, Ebony Life TV’s The Crunch, Naij.com, Pulse TV, TV Continental.

John Stevenson

Dr. John Stevenson completed his Ph.D. (2014) and M.A. (2007) in Political Science at the University of Chicago, and an A.B. in Government from Dartmouth College in 2005. John has studied a range of research subjects relating to political violence, including terrorism, other kinds of non-state actor violence, mass killing/genocide, state/institution building, state failure and the effects of foreign third-party involvement in conflict and disputes. Stevenson led numerous research consortiums (one, named PIPES focused on international economic and security affairs and the other focused on political communication), created a working group to develop the technical policy writing and methodological products of his junior colleagues and provided written and oral feedback on hundreds of book and article-length projects in various conference, classroom and consortium settings.

Dr. John Stevens is a Principal Research Scientist at NSI, Inc, a private social science and data analytics firm based in the United States. At NSI, Dr. John is a multi-method data scientist working primarily with government clients to forecast and explain patterns in political violence and political instability. He crafts statistical and historical modelling of political conflict and radicalization for a variety of government, commercial and non-profit clients.

Prior to joining NSI, Dr. Stevenson worked as a lead investigator and senior researcher in the DHS Center of Excellence, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland, College Park. At the University of Maryland, he also served as the elected representative of research and professional faculty to the University Senate. Having a passion for teaching and methodology, John taught in START's online terrorism graduate certificate, and, with various START colleagues, designs and delivers training on qualitative and quantitative data analysis for national security professionals.

At the University of Maryland and the University of Chicago, Dr. Stevenson spearhead the creation and analysis of several original databases - one on country-stability in the first ten years of any state created or becoming independent between 1900 and 2010; one on foreign military sales to countries in the Asia-Pacific; one on Russian foreign military sales to client countries; and a final on naval vessel-commissions since 1991 for 17 countries operating in the Asia Pacific. In addition, he was the data science lead in analyzing patterns of radicalization using an original START database, Profiles of Individuals Radicalized in the United States (PIRUS). His sponsored research work involves the creation of theoretical frameworks to explain patterns in Russia’s uses of force outside of its borders uses event data to define and explore the most effective counter-terrorism responses to Boko Haram in Nigeria. His published peer-reviewed work focuses on the commemorative uses of past massacres (through the construction of genocide memorials) to create a narrative justification of unending post-genocide authoritarian political order in Rwanda. One of his in-progress manuscripts explains violent social movements among refugees in central Africa, namely why segments of a common diaspora join civil war movements in some host countries but not others.


Cmdre Sudhir Kumar

Cmdre. Sudhir Kumar (Rtd.) is a holder of M.Sc in Physics, M.Phil in Nuclear Physics in Department of Atomic Energy Scheme, M.Tech in Nuclear Technology from B.A.R.C, Trombay, Mumbai, India MBA from MDI Gurgaon (Haryana), India. Psychologist Course from Defence Institute of Psychological Research, New Delhi, India

He joined the Indian Navy from 01 Jan 1983 to 10 May 2006 in numerous prestigious appointments as Sr. Manager in Nuclear Submarine Project, HR-Head of Naval Ships Repair Yard, Training Design Commander at Naval College of Engineering and School for Naval Airman 2. Corporate Experience since 15 May 20006 in Corporate Security. Handling BD & Strategic Planning, Risk Consultancy on Security Domains related with National Critical Infrastructure, Information Security ,Assets Tracking, PSIM(Physical Information Security System),ISMS, Strategic Operations & Integrated Security Solutions, Highway ERS, Smart & Safe City Solutions, Ports, Coastal & Maritime Security, Refineries & Offshore Installations and Mines. Training & Leadership Development. Conduct of Risk Analysis Audits & handling ERM. Expertise in Remote Banking & Telecom Towers Solutions and Home Safe Solutions, Formulating Corporate Crisis Management Manual, BCP & DM Plans. Develop Customized Integrated Security Designs & SOPs for Corporate Security Plan / Policy right from the project phase.Writes Blogs on LinkedIn and written about 23 so far those are widely appreciated internationally & comments on Economics Times & Forbes those have called on comments.

Has written and spoken quite extensively in International & National Magazines / Conferences on Smart & Safe City Projects, Cyber Security and Ports & Maritime Security. Published about six research papers in Nuclear Physics and wrote 02 articles in Naval Technical Magazine about Nuclear Technology.

Awards: Junior & Senior Research Fellowship while doing M.Phil. Became winner in Security Excellence Awards(SEA) 2010 (known as Oscar of Security) held at Hotel Hilton, Hyde Park, Central London 19 Oct 2010 in the category, Integrated Security Solution of the Year for G4S India and became Finalist in the category, Security Consultant of the year and also in Inspiration in HR. Also became finalist in the category, Security Consultant of the Year on 21 Oct 2011 at the same awards conducted at the same place. These awards are annually conducted by UBM

Shay Steinberg

Mr. Shay Steinberg is the President/CEO of Steinberg & Associates, the company offer services which include security systems for sensitive facilities, industrial plants, offices, marine ports and airports. We also offer training services for security officers, outsourced security management and/or personal coaching and support for company security managers, data protection plans, cyber security of information systems and documents, as well as communication and network security.

Steinberg & Associates provide optimal solutions for site and information security, we conduct thorough risk surveys to identify and analyse external and internal reference threats including terrorists, criminals and disgruntled employees. Our surveys assess existing prevention, deterrence and response capabilities to detect physical and logical vulnerabilities and offer technological and procedural solutions. Finally, we provide experts to support the organization in implementing our recommended solutions to ensure their long-term viability.

Steinberg & Associates, loss prevention programs - conduct surveys to detect weak spots affecting organizational loss, and offer plans to implement survey recommendation in terms of work processes and formal procedures, training and coaching security officers and employees in loss prevention, conducting company-wide campaign to reduce loss levels and provide overt and covert surveillance of supplier, employee, manager and customer activities. These operations are backed by regular reviews and audits to ensure lessons are learned and short-term gains are maintained. Credo

Steinberg & Associates, promotes professional physical and information security, as well as prevention loss services that enables organisations protect its property and data assets, and optimize work processes. We believe these achievements must be maintained through rigorous training, implementation and enforcement activities, so that all branches, business partners and employees are involved in a new corporate policy and culture that emphasizes security and loss prevention as key objectives.

Our team is composed of experts with extensive experience in strategic training, security mission planning, loss prevention, investigations, intelligence and information. These experts combine experience in the private sector with skills acquired in Israeli security services, including the management, operational, logistic, safety and auditing areas.

David mizra

Mr. Mirza David is a former senior commander at the Israeli Security establishments. Trained and qualified in Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Protection of assets and VIPs.
In 1987 founded the International Security Academy ‐ Israel for training and qualification of Protection personnel & Management worldwide.