Why Sponsor

NISEC 2016 sponsorship packages are specially designed to promote brand name and logo awareness campaign. It portends limitless marketing opportunities to attract targeted audience of buyers and end users;

Enhance Presence:

When you sponsor one or more NISEC programs, you are sure to gain immediate publicity. It is a strategic marketing avenue for name branding and awareness campaign which stands you out from your competitors and the competition.          

 Pre, Onsite and Post Publicity:

It is unique because the influence of pre, onsite and post show publicity on buyers cannot be over emphasized. Thousands of visitors and buyers visits show webpage to get event information while view exhibitors profile, product and services online prior to actual event date. Gain pre, onsite and post event publicity attracted your target audience.

Combined Marketing:

NISEC employs a multi-media approach strategy combining electronic media, cyber, social networks, print and other traditional medium of information services across a wide spectrum of channels to reach target audience.


Show sponsorship programs accommodates all sizes of exhibitor's marketing budgets, it is an excellent way for pre-show product name branding and publicity that gives unequal opportunity to exhibitors who understand the power of sponsorship. Wise use of company publicity budget to position strategically in the show to attract the right audience.

Be the Market Leader:

Targeted audience and visitors are attracted to a brand name they are familiar with. Sponsoring one or more programs means increasing product/services brand name presence which buyers will be looking out to see during the show proper. Optimize and maximize the power of the show sponsorship opportunities to win buyers to your stand.

Exhibitor Sponsorship Packages

Corporate Sponsorship Packages